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Jinan Kaiqiang Auto Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. is a green product metal carved board production base, with advanced continuous production technology of new-type exterior wall insulation decoration integrated board and color steel composite insulation board. The main products are: exterior wall insulation board, metal exterior wall Thermal insulation board, decorative thermal insulation integrated board, metal carved thermal insulation board and metal decorative thermal insulation board. It can produce a variety of patterns such as brick pattern, elastic coating pattern, water ripple, marble pattern and so on. Relying on years of experience, it produces products comparable to the craftsmanship, which meets the integration needs of various architectural colors and insulation decoration.

The company's products have been widely used in exterior wall insulation and decoration; exterior wall renovation of old buildings; exterior wall decoration of cement buildings, hollow brick buildings, various commercial and civil buildings, such as light steel residential/villa exterior walls, hospital/school exteriors Wall renovation, landscape room, mobile room, sentry box, mobile toilet, etc.

We will continue to adhere to the refined, zero-defect quality standards, and continue to create greater service value for customers

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